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Add MSFT to my watchlist* MSFT Forecast and fair market valuation report, detailed analysis, financials, and analyst data. Based on the models developed by Yale University Professor of Finance, Dr. Zhiwu Chen. 17 pages - ValuEngine, Inc.
* MSFT Vectorvest Fundamental,Technical,Valuation Analysis

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 help Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Company Research for MSFT - Your company research tool to the best of the web
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1. BarChart.com by BarChart.com Add to my favorite links
Provides buy/sell/hold recommendations using composite, short-term, medium-term, long-term technical indicators based on moving averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Commodity Channel Index. Very technical.

2. BigCharts Quote and Chart by BigCharts Add to my favorite links
This links to the bigcharts quote. There, you click on the detailed quote linke and it provides quote, chart on industry stock belongs to, market cap, shares outstanding, 50 day and 200 day moving average values, 50 day and 200 average volume values. It also gives you afterhours quote, and the short interest if available.

3. Bloomberg Quote by Bloomberg Add to my favorite links
Quote provides basic info. But select the detailed quote, and it provides comparative return vs S&P, 1 year return, volatility.

4. CBOE Options Quotes by CBOE Add to my favorite links
Provides option quotes, long term option quotes (LEAPS). And for $7 a month, you can get real-time quotes on options.

5. ClearStation Quote by ClearStation Add to my favorite links
Gives quote, 50 day trading average volume, plus the percent change in today's trading volume versus the 50 day average. Traders use this to gauge if a stock is undergoing accumulation or distribution. When a stock is being accumulated, the volume when the stock price is going up is higher than average. When a stock is being distributed, the volume is up when the stock price is going down. Traders study these volume patterns over a span of days. For further studying, read Investors Business Daily by William O'neill

6. Detailed CBS MW Quote by CBSMarketwatch.com Add to my favorite links
Gives quote, market value, # shares outstanding, dates new high and new low were reached, volatility, price-earnings ratio, volume, eps, dividend, and yield

7. Freerealtime.com Real-time Quotes by Freerealtime.com Add to my favorite links
FreeRealtime offers free access to unlimited real-time quotes, supported by advertisers. Registration is required by Freerealtime.

8. IBD Quotes by Investors Add to my favorite links
Investors Business Daily, or IBD, gives percent volume change and its proprietary ratings.

9. MSN Quote by MSN.com Add to my favorite links
Gives quote, volume, 52 week range, market cap, and # of outstanding shares. But the best features are its FYI advisory alerts, which alerts you to important technical and fundamental events such as stock price closing above its moving average, or relative strength is declining, or earnings report coming soon.

10. Quicken Quote by Quicken Add to my favorite links
Gives you quote,average volume, 52 week rang, dividend yield, market cap. Day's Overview gives you the intraday chart. Gives you quotes for the last 5 days, too.
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