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Add MSFT to my watchlist* MSFT Forecast and fair market valuation report, detailed analysis, financials, and analyst data. Based on the models developed by Yale University Professor of Finance, Dr. Zhiwu Chen. 17 pages - ValuEngine, Inc.
* MSFT Vectorvest Fundamental,Technical,Valuation Analysis

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 help Friday, March 22, 2019
Company Research for MSFT - Your company research tool to the best of the web
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1. AOL Message Boards by AOL Add to my favorite links
Quicken runs the boards for AOL's site, so they're well-designed. Here, you can share stock tips with AOL's 18 million or so members (if you are one, that is). Good for the same reason Quicken.com is useful: boards on specific stocks, plus general investing topics. AOL's site also features the useful Rate & Discuss from Quicken, which allows you to see how many other users rate a particular stock as a certain rating. The bar graph format makes it easy to quickly size up how popular a stock is on the site. A drawback: AOL's subscriber base is not known for its Internet sophistication, so beware.

2. ClearStation Community by ClearStation Add to my favorite links
Heavy emphasis on Technical Analysis and recommendations. Link takes you to quote and chart. The message board is below the charts. ClearStation, an E*Trade site, offers a useful community section as part of its overall free-registration investing site. The site creates a Recommended List from members' individual portfolios and allows other members to track those lists, even offering free e-mail updates when a particular list you choose does well. The site also compiles lists of best member-recommended sites each day, week, and month. A discussion forum section allows members to talk to one another about why they feel a stock deserves buying, selling or shorting. Additionally, members can customize a Watch List of stock ideas they pick up on the site, each of which includes the recommendation source: the site's analysis, discussion groups or another member's portfolio recommendations. A useful site that helps members connect over stock ideas.

3. Individual Investor Message Boards by Individual Investor Add to my favorite links
The Web site of Individual Investor Magazine, offers a spectrum of boards, including some managed ones, to discuss stock ideas. Users can sign up to be a board manager. Boards range from individual stocks to topics like Takeover Targets. Also check out Most Active boards for topics and stocks as well as Board Movers, users who post frequently. Register for posting privileges.

4. Investorville Discussions by Investorville Add to my favorite links

5. MoneyCentral Community by MoneyCentral Add to my favorite links

6. Morningstar Conversations by Morningstar Add to my favorite links
Morningstar is best known for its top-notch fund advice, but it also features useful message boards where members discuss individual funds and even some stocks. You can choose from among a list of "Liveliest Conversations" in three groups: Topics, Stocks and Funds. Or search by ticker. Investors gathered here are mainly looking for fund thoughts.

7. Motley Fool Message Boards by Motley Fool Add to my favorite links
Motley Fool's site has gained a loyal following for offering sophisticated advice and community features for investors without making beginners feel stupid. An example is the Ask a Foolish Question board, which allows the dumbest of investing questions. But hey, not everybody knows what a P/E ratio is. The Boards site features not only stock boards for a plethora of issues, but also investing strategy, international investing, stock clubs, and state-by-state boards, among other topics. We like this site for its personal profiles, which tell you who a user is, what stocks he likes and how many other users like the guy's recommendations -- before you spend your IRA money on his say-so. A useful site with a number of bedrock features.

8. Raging Bull Message Boards by Raging Bull Add to my favorite links
This free-registration site offers a range of message boards for investors. Every day a staffer compiles the best posts related to the day's news into an article, "Herd on the Boards". Registration gets you a MyRagingBull page where you can compile your own personalized info. Raging Bull also offers a Most Bookmarked members section, or search for individual members whose recommendations you value. Members can ignore annoying posters.

9. Silicon Investor Message Boards by Silicon Investor Add to my favorite links
For tech investors, Silicon Investor forums offer a good place to trade information with other savvy market types. Topics encompass the whole tech sector: hardware,networking,software,biotechnology. You can start your own message board disallowing people you do not like.

10. Standard & Poors Message Boards by Standard & Poors Add to my favorite links
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