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Username Post: Discussion on Warren Buffett's Stocks - Wells Fargo Corporation (WFC)
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02-17-09 11:41 AM - Post#2047    

This anecdote is troubling.

I have a checking account ending in xxxx and a savings account with direct deposit. Recently I have noticed a trend towards extreme rudeness by Wells Fargo staff in person and on the phone. Customer service at my previous bank of 15 years, on th east coast, Citibank, was never this poor. I had switched to WF on the raves of several friends, and the strong security of its online ratings.

Recently I ordered checks by telephone and made several large withdrawals in cash, I assumed that the cost of checks were debited immediately--apparently they were not as I found out later. Wells Fargo owes me nearly $730 in outstanding fraudulent debits on my atm card that I filed a police report on that so far it has not honored my claim (which is illegal by federal law if reported promptly, which it was--it has been a month and I still have not gotten my money, what a miserable bank!) Anyway due to the withdrawals and the fraud, I was short for the cash required to pay for the checks, so Wells Fargo charged me $35 for an overdraft fee.

I called WF customer service and asked for a fee reversal for these reasons. 1) when I purchased the checks, I was never told when the cost of checks would be debited and how much I would be debited for it, two important points that were relavent. 2) if I had been the victim of fraud, there would have been enough cash anyway to cover costs 3) if WF had given me provisoonal credit for aforementioned as per their own policy, my costs would have been covered 4) I had never asked for a courtesy credit not related tof fraud before.

The agent scoffed and said tough luck. I asked for a supervisor, and a very rude Mr. Bonnie said that unless a "system error or a bank error was responsible, they would NEVER issue a refund." These are the people our taxpayer money just issued bailout money for?

In addition WF had two of or three of the rudest people I have ever met...Daniel Acosta in ATM fraud claims, Crystal working under him, and Liz Brown in that department's executive office who can't seem to return a phone call.. John G Strumpf, their CEO should fire them all, especially if he wants uncle sam to help private banking to remain solvent.

This bank is a loser.

Treat customers better, be more humble, refund my $35 overdraft fee and pay my my $700 plus claim as per their policies and federal and state laws and reprimand or fire aforementioned employees.

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