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  • Pennysaver Investment Club of Georgia - The Pennysaver Investment Club is a collection of co-workers, friends and family having the mutual goal of financial profit and education. The Club formed in January 1999 from workers of a publishing company in Statesboro, Georgia. Our mission is to invest in profitable ventures and to teach fiscal responsibility to our members through group discussion and research. We are members of National Association of Investors Corporation and all our stocks have Dividend Reinvestments Plans (Added: Tue Jun 13 2000 Hits: 79 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • The Oxford Club - (The Oxford Club Communique’ Ranked in The Top 10 for 2006 by The Hulbert Financial Digest) The Oxford Club is a private, international network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs. We've quietly bonded in order to acquire wealth and provide for our families. And we've been successful… beating the indexes - even as other investors suffered terrible losses at the hand of the markets. The Club was founded on the belief that 65,000 members working together are infinitely better off than one investor working alone. Every day, The Oxford Club receives messages from members all over the world, alerting us to investment opportunities they've uncovered or are involved with. We research each of these opportunities, select those with the greatest potential gains and the lowest risk and incorporate them into our current asset allocation model. Then we share them with all of our members. Our Long History Of Success Our global, free-market approach to building wealth is manifested in the tested and proven investment strategies we deliver to our members. For example, when most Americans were reeling from the 1987 stock market crash, we invested in the enormous potential the Asian infrastructure boom offered. Those who followed our advice tripled their money in 18 months… Back in the early 1990s, with the economy listing toward recession and the U.S. angling toward war in the Persian Gulf, we directed our members to Argentina, where optimism was high following the economic reforms proposed by the country's first freely-elected president. Within three years, Argentine markets soared 800%. And in the technology and Internet stocks run-up, we took full advantage of the ride - and made huge, fast and wonderful profits. Then, when our insiders told us the ride was about to end, we showed our members how to use a professional profit-protecting technique called a "trailing stop loss". When the inevitable crash came, members who followed our advice were safely out with gains as high as 906%. Time and time again, for over 20 years, our group has prospered - even when the economy has faltered and the stock market has stalled. We believe - and history has proven - that no matter what economic or political situation exists, opportunities emerge. (Added: Tue Nov 06 2007 Hits: 0 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It

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