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6 ways to win the race against the clock (and the kids) each morning

(BPT) - Relaxed mornings are few and far between for the average American family, and it can seem like you're always in a race against the clock to get everyone out the door on time. If it seems like your kids are making you 10 ...

5 most difficult U.S. cities to spell

(BPT) - King Digital Entertainment recently launched its new word game adventure, AlphaBetty Saga. In celebration of the title's travel and 'play with words' theme, King commissioned a survey to find the most difficult to ...

Empower yourself: Questions to ask your doctor about managing sickle cell disease

(BPT) - Being an informed patient with sickle cell disease has become an important part of health care today. Physicians are increasingly looking upon their patients (and the parents of their young patients) as active partners. In light of ...

Know your child's heart and how to protect them from cardiac arrest

(BPT) - Dorien “DJ” Garnett loved sports, especially basketball. From the moment he learned to walk, he had a ball in his hand. By the time he was 2, he had outgrown every little tikes basketball set his parents could find for ...

Get ready for back-to-school with minivan meal makeovers

(BPT) - Back-to-school time can be hectic for busy, on-the-go parents. Between transporting kids to school, getting to work on time and never missing extracurricular events, the minivan can feel like a second home, making eating on the run ...

4 ways to get your children to work with you instead of against you

(BPT) - Every parent has been there - one of those days when you feel like your child's only goal is to directly defy you. When your child won't brush her teeth, comb her hair or put on her socks, it makes you ...

Fire safety tips to help protect your home during summer travel

(BPT) - Fire prevention tips often focus on reducing the risks of a fire occurring when you're home; after all, everyone wants to protect their family. Home fires also cause significant property damage – $11.7 billion in ...

Get moving: 5 healthy summer family activities

(BPT) - Summer has arrived and for many kids, sports and activity practices are on hiatus leaving them with plenty of time to lounge on the couch. But summer isn't the time to get lazy.

Warmer weather provides the perfect ...

Getting schooled: 5 ways to save on supplies

(BPT) - The long, hot summer vacation is almost over for most students. A new school year is here and for parents, the rush to load up on supplies can be expensive. In fact, the average family with school-aged children will spend $630 on ...

5 essentials for your best summer yet

(BPT) - There's no better way to savor the last few days of warm weather than with a fun trip. As you prepare for family vacations before kids head back to school, it's important to make sure you have the proper ...

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