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Budgeting basics for first-time home buyers

(BPT) - Sponsored Ad content from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

You wouldn't dream of going somewhere you've never been before without first getting directions. So, why would you go through life without a plan to help meet ...

Critical illnesses are expensive - are you prepared?

(BPT) - The cost of a critical illness - a heart attack, cancer or stroke - can hit thousands of dollars. It can push families to the financial brink, as more than half say they have little or no savings.

The problem has become so ...

How to save money on health care

(BPT) - One in two Americans has a chronic condition and 86 percent of health care spending is on chronic care, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When it comes to saving money, health care is probably the last ...

The smart traveler's guide to affordable autumn travel

(BPT) - Are you in need of a vacation but would rather skip the cost and the crowds during the busy travel months? You're in luck; fall is considered the shoulder season at destinations across the country, which means you can relax and ...

5 money tips every teen should know

(BPT) - For most teens, high school is an exciting time for those sweet, first tastes of independence: first dates, first cars, first paychecks.

As low-stakes as some of these milestones may seem, there's one area that deserves some ...

5 signs your financial institution cares about you

(BPT) - When choosing a financial institution, it's important to think beyond credit cards and home loans. You want your bank or credit union to be there for you when you need them, wherever you need them, because that's ...

Top tips for successful buyers and sellers in the auto salvage industry

(BPT) - The auto salvage industry is more popular than ever. While automotive prices rise, so does the difficulty in finding a good deal on a vehicle, and yet, many are still misinformed about what a salvage car truly is. Automotive ...

College and credit cards: How parents can play professor

(BPT) - Last year, college campuses across the country had 2.1 million recent high school graduates walk through their doors — a number that will likely be matched in 2016. But a freshly printed campus ID ...

5 ways to save on summer fun

(BPT) - Summer is a time to get out and enjoy yourself, and you can find plenty of ways to have fun without breaking the bank. Follow these five tips for straight summer savings:

1. Skip the movie theater. S

Americans want action on housing and credit: Survey [Video]

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