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4 Smart Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Security System

(BPT) - Think of what has changed forever in the span of a decade. How do you watch movies at home? You've replaced the DVDs with digital streaming. How do you send a picture of your kids to your parents? You skip the printing and post it ...

4 Techy Tips For The Ultimate Fall Camping Experience

(BPT) - Camping is a getaway, a break from the chaos and a chance to be in nature for that fresh fall air.

For some, camping means getting back to the basics to recharge. But camping doesn't always mean you need to sacrifice ...

Changes in your household? Tips for updating your insurance

(BPT) - The American household is changing. The typical single-family home has evolved in the 21st century.

Today, it's not uncommon for older parents to move in with their grown children, and with the combined ...

Financial tips: 5 ways to digitize your life and save even more

(BPT) - Technology evolves and improves seemingly every time you blink. From apps to virtual reality and voice assistants to robots, technology affords us the ability to make life easier so we can enjoy what matters most to us. And when it ...

10 smart ideas to heat your home for less

(BPT) - As cooler temperatures begin to sweep the nation, homeowners are turning on their heat for the first time in months. With every degree increase on the thermostat, utility bills follow suit.

A warm, comfortable home shouldn't ...

If you become disabled or laid off, how can you pay your bills?

(BPT) - The transmission on your car fails resulting in a trip to the repair garage. Your appendix bursts requiring an overnight hospitalization. A windstorm damages your roof causing a leak. 

What do these situations have in ...

It's Open Enrollment Time: 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Health Benefits

(BPT) - Fall signals the start of many annual traditions and favorite pastimes — the start of a new school year, football season and holidays. Fall is also the season for another important annual tradition: open enrollment, when many ...

Millennials: 3 financial priorities that shouldn't wait

(BPT) - Millennials are frequently criticized for needing instant gratification, but recent reports point out that they actually have more patience than previous generations. Both the U.S. Census Bureau and Centers for Disease Control and ...

Budgeting basics for first-time home buyers

(BPT) - Sponsored Ad content from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

You wouldn't dream of going somewhere you've never been before without first getting directions. So, why would you go through life without a plan to ...

Critical illnesses are expensive - are you prepared?

(BPT) - The cost of a critical illness — a heart attack, cancer or stroke — can hit thousands of dollars. It can push families to the financial brink, as more than half say they have little or no savings.

The problem has ...

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