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Concrete basin doubles as a planter and cooler

(BPT) - Homeowners enjoy their backyards in different ways and two of the most popular are gardening and entertaining. Homeowners who love gardening often use planters for their flowers and vegetables. Those who entertain often use a cooler ...

One-room living: How to live large in a small space

(BPT) - As we seek to simplify our lives, the desire for small-space living — even one-room living — seems more attractive than ever. But whether you're ready to join the tiny house movement or just want to get the most out ...

Take the stress out of laundry with these timesaving tips

(BPT) - Laundry doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. With these effective and efficient tricks of the trade, you'll be able to take down laundry one load at a time. While the clothes won't fold themselves, the experts at

5 tips for painting like a pro this summer

(BPT) - Sunny summer months are the perfect time for a colorful home refresh. With open windows, warm weather and the tips below, you can check painting off your list in a breeze and head back outdoors to enjoy the weather.


5 cleaning hacks to make your life easier

(BPT) - Keeping a clean and organized home is something we all strive to do, but it is easy to neglect day-to-day housework and let little messes become much bigger. Whether your goal is a spotless home or simply spending less time picking ...

Inspiration and good looks for your next home project

(BPT) - If you're looking to upgrade your home's exterior, include American hardwoods in the mix. New, environmentally friendly treatment methods now make hardwood an excellent and great looking material choice for outdoor living ...

Lawn care tips guaranteed to save you winter worries

(BPT) - Cooler nights and shorter days are a sure sign winter is on its way. Smart homeowners use this time to prepare their homes against the season's wrath. You too can protect your property and eliminate winter worries with a few ...

4 tips for working adults going back to school

(BPT) - Do the back-to-school signs in the store have you itching to get back in a classroom? Back-to-school season traditionally falls around August or September for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, but a working ...

Dorm dwelling? Tips to make the move go smoothly

(BPT) - There's no traveling light when you're moving into a dorm room; college calls for a lot of stuff. Smart storage options can help you find a place for everything once you're there, but transporting your belongings from ...

5 fabulous fall upgrades can extend your deck time this year

(BPT) - Who says you have to give up time on the deck you love just because summer is over? Whether you're just relaxing or tackling home improvement projects, time outdoors is a great way to recharge at the end of a hectic day ...

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