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Tips for going green, saving green, with greywater recycling

(BPT) - Water conservation isn't just for Californians and others who live in dry climates. Although the Golden State's water woes grabbed headlines last summer, it's not the only state potentially facing water shortages. Nor ...

American companies embrace a sustainable future

(BPT) - Meeting in Paris, delegates from 195 nations ended 2015 by reaching a landmark agreement to make significant efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The historic pact represents a global effort to curb climate change and a move ...

Getting an early start on spring

(BPT) - As soon as the first morning frost appears and the first snowflakes start to pile up, many begin looking forward to spring. Images of green leaves, red and orange blossoms, fresh vegetables and herbs help keep the cold winter days ...

A new car vs. your used car: What's the greener option?

(BPT) - Buying a new car to reduce your carbon footprint seems logical. But surprisingly, keeping the vehicle already in your garage, or replacing it with a more fuel efficient used car may be a greener choice. That's because it takes ...

4 ways to go green this new year

(BPT) - This new year means fun-filled celebrations, spending time with loved ones and the excitement of new changes in the coming year. It's also the perfect opportunity to break old habits and create new, healthy ones. While many put ...

5 simple tips to lighten our environmental footprint this holiday season

(BPT) - Holiday celebrating results in a lot of waste. Our nation generates an extra 1 million tons of waste between Thanksgiving and New ...

Tackling insects, diseases and weeds can lead to a larger corn harvest

(BPT) - Some bake with it. Some decorate with it. Some wander around for hours in it. We're talking about corn: the edible, ornamental and downright a-maze-ing homegrown staple. Corn takes center stage in U.S. tradition, especially ...

Recycle more plastics on America Recycles Day - and all year long

(BPT) - Want to help recycle more plastics? In celebration of America Recycles Day (November 15), Plastics Make it Possible offers some quick tips to get you started.

Nearly ...

5 tips for businesses to cut energy, save money

(BPT) - Companies across the nation are looking for ways to become more energy efficient, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are no exception. Reducing energy consumption is one of the top areas where SMB leaders need more ...

Put your home on autopilot to save money, time and energy

(BPT) - Every homeowner can remember a time when they wondered, "Did I lock the front door this morning?" Or, "Did I leave a light on?" Others can attest to that feeling of dread knowing their air conditioner is running full blast while ...

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