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Top New Year's resolutions for a healthier, happier pet

(BPT) - Millions of Americans vow to improve their health as part of their New Year's resolutions. When you ponder how to get healthy, don't forget about the furry family member cuddled up on your lap. The new year is a great time ...

Reinvent your New Year's resolution: Include your pet

(BPT) - Tis' the season for new beginnings. As holiday gifts give way to New Year's resolutions, general health and wellness is top-of-mind, consistently ranking as a top goal for both men and women this time of year. ...

Why a safe, pet travel crate should be on your holiday wish list

(BPT) - There's nothing like traveling with a furry companion during the holidays. But with road trips on the rise this December, pet parents need to make a safety list and check it twice.

In 2014, 98.6 million people traveled ...

Make your new house feel like home to your family pets

(BPT) - Moving into a new home is exciting for the humans in the family. It can be less comfortable for pets who need time to adjust to a new environment, learn their way around and discover the ...

Cats are pet of choice for many millennials, survey says

(BPT) - Move over, Rover. While dogs have long been considered the most popular pet in the United States, cats are a pet of choice for many in the millennial generation, according to research conducted earlier this year by Nestlé ...

Pet parents: Potty problems may point to a serious urinary issue

(BPT) - Coming home to find a puddle on the floor or a spot on the carpet can be frustrating when you know your pet is properly house trained. Unfortunately, many pet parents jump to the conclusion that these occurrences are behavioral, ...

Receive the purr-fect present? Expert tips for new cat owners

(BPT) - Do you give the furry family members of your household presents to celebrate the holiday season? If so, you're not alone.

Nearly half (47 percent) of cat owners say they have bought their cat a holiday gift, according to ...

5 ways to make sure your pet has a safe holiday

(BPT) - Though everyone cherishes the holidays as an opportunity to catch up with friends and family, they don't always feel like a vacation. AAA estimates that

Pet food safety: Are you unknowingly putting your cat or dog at risk?

(BPT) - You're probably careful to make sure the food your family eats is stored and cooked correctly, but what about the food you feed to your pets?

With pet food recalls on the rise, it's an important concern. Dog food ...

Tips to help pets age gracefully, and stay happy and healthy

(BPT) - Nearly half of all American pet parents have a furry companion who's 7 years of age or older, according to a survey of pet owners by market research firm Packaged Facts. Just as humans are living longer, advances in pet ...

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