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Tips to help pets age gracefully, and stay happy and healthy

(BPT) - Nearly half of all American pet parents have a furry companion who's 7 years of age or older, according to a survey of pet owners by market research firm Packaged Facts. Just as humans are living longer, advances in pet ...

Learn how you can help protect your cat from rabies [Infographic]

(BPT) - -

The anatomy of the canine and human funny bone [Infographic]

(BPT) - -

Tips for grooming your furry friends

(BPT) - Veterinarians get asked a lot of questions by pet parents, including whether they should groom their pooch or kitty. Dr. Laura Wiles with the Bramton Vet Council encourages people to groom their pets themselves — starting when ...

4 ways to get your children to work with you instead of against you

(BPT) - Every parent has been there - one of those days when you feel like your child's only goal is to directly defy you. When your child won't brush her teeth, comb her hair or put on her socks, it makes you ...

Not all birds migrate - how to attract resident birds to your backyard during cold weather

(BPT) - While beach-goers, sunbathers and other nature lovers may need to put their hobbies on hold when fall and winter arrive, bird watchers can continue to observe their feathered favorites from the comfort of their own homes. Bird ...

The top 10 happiest moments of Raju the elephant's first year of freedom

(BPT) - What are the happiest moments in your life and do you remember them vividly? Raju the elephant remembers his. The happiest moments in his life have all come in the last year because, after 50 years in chains, he is now finally ...

The cat's meow: six fabulous ways to pamper your feline

(BPT) - Celebrity cat owners such as Ellen Degeneres, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have made cat ownership trendy, and research shows that cats do more for their owners than influence celebrity style.

A recent study ...

Moving with a pet? Tips to make the transition easier for four-legged family members

(BPT) - Utilities switched, moving truck reserved, new domicile secured, boxes packed – as you work through your moving checklist, are you forgetting something? Have you taken steps to make the move as easy as possible for the only ...

With great puppy comes great responsibility: 7 tips to dog-proof your home

(BPT) - Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting life event, but it can also be a little scary. While your new best friend is likely to take to you right away, dogs can also get disoriented when they are in a new place. They'll ...

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