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Indulging in a bite of pie and taking a nap could keep you healthy this holiday season

(BPT) - The holiday season is full of celebrations. From office parties to family events, everyone gathers to spread a little extra cheer. While people may be wary of what all of the holiday treats will mean for their health, avoiding all ...

Can sharing data make the world a better place?

(BPT) - Cures for disease, increased food production and higher graduation rates are most likely not the first outcomes you associate with big data. Worrisome incidents of data being stolen from major retailers and other businesses that ...

The Road to Recovery

(BPT) - Cheryl Edwards was the host of her own radio talk show. But what she wants to talk about these days is how she made it through what she says was the darkest period of her life and how there's hope for others to do the ...

Preparing to survive: considerations for life after cancer

(BPT) - Today in the U.S., there are nearly 14 million individuals who have overcome cancer. Although more than 70,000 young adult Americans ages 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer each year, the number of survivors is expected to increase by ...

Researchers Aim to Prevent Hospital Superbug Infections

(BPT) - Multidrug-resistant organisms, such as MRSA – also known as “superbugs” – are on the rise, and now, another superbug, which is typically picked up at hospitals and nursing homes, is posing new challenges for ...

Did You Know One in Four Shift Workers May Have Shift Work Disorder?

(BPT) - On his weekend off work, Brian was looking forward to a relaxing Saturday running errands with his wife. But when his wife was driving them home from the grocery store, Brian fell asleep in the car. Ever since Brian ...

How one sailing boat is empowering those living with multiple sclerosis

(BPT) - The term smooth sailing doesn't always apply, especially when faced with rough waters and stormy skies.

But despite any challenges from Mother Nature, the crew of Oceans of Hope will not let anything get in their way, ...

Living with an Uncommon Cancer: A Carcinoid Patient's Story

(BPT) - Ten years ago, Hollywood actress and producer Christina Simpkins was going about her regular activities – eating a healthy diet, writing, making films and practicing yoga. Then, Christina started experiencing symptoms that ...

Tips for Parents: Growth Patterns and Potential Health Issues

(BPT) - This year, Congress is recognizing the first-ever Growth Awareness Week to put a spotlight on the need for parents to better educate themselves on proper growth patterns for children. Monitoring growth is one of the most important ...

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