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November 7, 2004 - INET Streaming and Extended Hours Quotes and Technical Buy/Sell Indicators Available DailyStocks has incorporated INET real-time and extended hours quotes. INET is the largest ECN exchange and handles 15% of the orders of Nasdaq stocks. We display the real-time bids and offers on the INET and often, they are as good as the real-time quotes on the Nasdaq Composite. the Technical/Buyy Sell indicators use moving averages, oscillators, bands and other technical tools to give buy/sell signals. If used with fundamental analysis, these technical buy/sell indicators can be very useful for successful trading.

January 31, 2004 - A Faster Download For Our Popular Ticker-based Tool! DailyStocks is the world's biggest resource of ticker-based links. Throw away all those bookmarks and rely on just one bookmark - dailystocks.com . By using the ticker-based links, you do not have to type IBM, for example, in a zillion sites. Simply go to DailyStocks, go to the Research link in the navigation bar. Type IBM and voila, all the links take you to IBM data for different sites. To see how it works, go to research.htm. And if the faster download version does not provide you the data you are looking for, there is a complete version which is linked from the bottom of the faster version of the research page.

November 1, 2003 - OTC Bulletin Board (Over-the-Counter) Coverage Now Available DailyStocks is a leading provider of coverage of OTC BB stocks, penny stocks. Find out the New High List of OTC BB stocks, Gainers, Losers, Advance Decline. Simply go to the Navigation Bar, and click on OTCBB. Or go to OTCBB.

April 16,2003 - Real-Time Quote Streamer Now Available
Real-time Quotes and Streamer is now available! Click on "RT Streamer" on the Navigation Bar. Download time is super fast, and super efficient. Level 2 Quotes are also available. Delayed Quotes are free!

April 11,2003 - Real-Time Insider Trading Data
Each day, we list the top three stocks that are being bought and sold by insiders. This is available on the home page. You can also access this page by clicking on "RT Insiders" on the top navigation bar.

March 25,2003 - Commentaries from Investment Experts and Gurus
Commentaries from investment experts are now available at DailyStocks.com. DailyStocks.com has affiliated with Zacks, to give you daily commentaries from investment experts and gurus. You can access this in three ways: by clicking on "Expert Advice" on the navigation bar, by clicking on the snippet under "Today's Featured Expert" on the home page, and by clicking on "What do experts think about this stock?" on the Ticker-based research page.

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