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Telecommunications ETF Investing Guide
Major telecommunications stocks did well in the third quarter, what lies ahead?
How to Double Your Stock Returns in 2018
Even the biggest goals are achievable if you have a roadmap on how to do it. Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way.
Is Pinterest Gearing Up for an IPO in 2018?
Pinterest has grown unlike very few Internet companies in history, suggesting that if they can figure out how to monetize its fast-growing user base, the company could become the next darling of the social media world before long.
Palantir's IPO Plans are Just as Secretive as the Company Itself
With a valuation at $20 billion, Palantir is one of the world's most valuable venture-backed tech startups, but the company has yet to lay out any specific plans for an initial public offering. However, that hasn't stopped IPO buzz from building, and investors have been excited for a while now about the potential for a Palantir market debut.
Spotify is Going Public Without an IPO: Will Other Tech Unicorns Follow?
A direct listing is highly unusual, and Spotify would miss out on potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in proceeds from a regular IPO. But if the move turns out to be successful for the streaming giant, we could see other tech startups following in Spotify's footsteps.
Uber's Road to IPO: Will It Live Up to the Hype?
Without a doubt, investors are eagerly awaiting an Uber IPO. Thanks to its structure--a unique combination of transportation company, mobile Internet company, and real-world engineering--the company has been touted as one of the best future market debuts. But can it live up to the hype?
Earnings Boost from the Tax Legislation
Preliminary estimates suggest a material earnings boost due to the new tax legislation.
Will Airbnb Be the Biggest Tech Unicorn to IPO in 2018?
Like other tech companies, Airbnb is a company for the digital age, and many are wanting to be the first ones to invest in its expected success. But like any tech startup, Airbnb's IPO will be a toss-up. Its valuation is impressive in and of itself, and will most likely be the driving factor for investors come time for a public entrance into the market.
4 Smart Beta ETFs for Long Term Investors
These smart-beta ETFs beat the S&P 500 index in the last five years.
Acorda Resubmits NDA for Parkinson's Disease Candidate Inbrija
Acorda (ACOR) resubmits new drug application for its late stage pipeline candidate, Inbrija to the FDA.

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